Professional Doula offering services to enhance your childbearing year that include childbirth preparation, labour, birth and postpartum support, as well as perinatal therapeutic counselling with a focus on the mind, body, and spirit integration for wellness.

Jillian Hand, MSW, CD/PCD(DONA) Birthing From Within® Mentor

Following the Birthing From Within® model, Hand to Heart exists to inspire and teach expectant and new parents to:
• Prepare for birth as a Rite of Passage.
• Understand the power and life-long impact that “birthing from within” offers all participants in birth.
• Co-create holistic prenatal care that is informative, transformative, and builds a foundation for birthing in awareness in our birth culture, whatever the birth location or outcome or events of the birth.
• Prevent or minimize emotionally difficult births (for parents and professionals) through compassionate, honest preparation.
• Honour and use the power of Birth Story telling and listening.

Deciding to work with Jillian as our birth doula was hands-down the best investment we could have made in our birth.Thea, first-time mom



Childbirth Classes

Birthing From Within classes encourage women and their partners to embrace childbirth as a meaningful and profound rite of passage.


Birth Doula

Empower and assist women and their partners in getting the most out of their birth experience.


Postpartum Doula

There is always a period of adjustment as the mother and her partner recover from the birth and prepare for their new roles as parents.


Birth Story Medicine

Giving Birth is one of the most powerful and profound events of your life, and, no matter the outcome, it can be infused with negative feelings.


Mother Blessings

A Mother’s Blessing is a beautiful alternative / addition to a baby shower that focuses on honouring the mother and her journey through birth and into motherhood


Belly Binding

The postpartum period is a time to honour the sacred work you have done to grow, nurture, and birth your baby into the world.

In the early days after our daughter’s birth, Jillian offered so much support, encouragement, and advice: on breastfeeding, infant care, and – crucially, mama care (not to mention some really great soup!).Rebecca and Adam, first-time parents

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